JO-h sings as a professional singer since 1984.

Worked with an all star creative team including producer David Foster, duet with Paul Anka,and Chicago's Bill Champlin.

Her elegantly polished voice breathes through the range of music  all from diverse backgrounds. 

Exploring her ART as a singer actor in TV Film & Theatre .



Week just started but I am already thinking about this weekend.
It will be the last week for the show Adam & Evie.
We have been in the world of this Adam & Evie for months through auditions , workshops, rehearsals, and the actual performances. And now it really sink deep into my soul.
This show , you could imagine from the title, might be related to the first human being met each other, eaten forbidden fruit and given The Good and Evil in their soul.
(I could say yes,,. )So that we are so much obsessed with Love, sex and hate.
And we all know ,The way things are is not the way they should be by the rules.
This show do not consist from one or two plots , it is like a Mosaics of many love/ life stories.From original to famous scene from well known stories,and famous songs as well.
And I am so grateful that one of my story/song I wrote, being a part of this beautiful show.

 Move On ( More for her )

Even if I cry

Even we made love so many times

We won’t understand each other completely

Waiting you till morning

You haven’t come back for so many days

I wonder, figuring out

What your last words really meant

Even in dreams , day and night

Some people say

You already died somewhere in the sea

But,I still remember

You said that you love me

Echoes in my mind

Sunset and the ocean

Where we belong each other

Just wanted to be together

Even if I cry

Even we made love so many times

I,, gonna  Move on

Lyric and translation by JO-h



On September 14th 2016,  Second Album SORA (1989) will be rerelease from Tower Records in Japan. Special memories with the sound producer Hiroshi Sato
My first recording was with him ,when I was 18.  
This time, there are 4 additional songs. Which we made as Demo tracks in 2001. 
He pass away in 2012, and, we could not finished the songs,,
But they are good memories of 2 musicians' love to music. 
Thank you Mr. Fukui from Sony Music Entertainment and Miho Fujii for your effort to make this happened!!

佐藤 博プロデュース。羽根田征子の傑作2ndアルバムがボーナス・トラック4曲を追加して最新マスタリング&高音質Blu-spec CD2にて復刻 。
佐藤博さんとは(青山テルマのヒット曲のプロデューサー)18歳の時の初レコーディングからのおつきあいで、2012年になくなるまでのおつきあいでした。なくなる直前にも、私のために新曲を書いた、とのメッセージがあり、スケッチだけが残されているので、今後それも形に出来たらいいな、と思っています! 服部克久、羽田健太郎、日野皓正、Kenji Jino Hino 、松原正樹 ( g )、今 剛 (g)、青山 純( ds )なども参加